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The Color Red Can Make Someone More Attracted to You

Color can affect your mood in many different ways, but its effects are largely dependent on your culture. In American culture, the color red represents sex. A study was conducted in which men were shown a woman in a red dress, while others were shown the same woman in a blue dress. Without fail, the men who saw her wearing red ranked her as more attractive.

Eating Fish Can Help Fight Depression

Aside from looking pretty, fish actually can make you happier. The omega-3 oils contained within fish can actually improve symptoms of depression by up to 2/3s of their original state, according to recent studies.

Wine Can Make You Happier

It has been known that red wine is capable of curing stomach ills, fighting aging, and much more. Having a glass of wine per day can release endorphins that make you feel happier; any more, and people begin to suffer the negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Purchasing Fake Brand Names, Can Make You More Cynical

Scientists suggest that purchasing knockoff goods can turn a person cynical and encouraging them to take the easy route. A study monitored two groups of women wearing real Chloe sunglasses, however, one group had been told they were fake knockoffs. The group that believed them to be fake, cheated a full 70% more on the problems presented than the group that thought they were real.

Music Affects the Way You Feel about People

It’s long been an accepted fact that music can influence the human mind; however, researchers from the University of Groningen have found that music can actually change the way you perceive another person. If you’re in a crowd of people and you hear a happy song, you’re more likely to recognize the happy expressions in the crowd rather than the sad ones. The opposite applies to sad songs.

Routines Can Make You a Happier Person

It may contradict our common sense, however, following a routine helps you become more productive and worry less. When you follow a pattern each day to get up and start the day, you have more time to accomplish those tasks that are important to you. On the other hand, trying to approach things haphazardly often results in massive amounts of stress, which chips away at your mood and can cause someone to become cranky.

You Become a Nicer Person When Scared

Andrew White, a PhD student from Arizona State University, performed a study that showed people who feel threatened are more likely to show kindness to others, most notably members of their family. This is thought to stem from the tribe mentality; by bringing family closer to you, you increase the number of people willing to protect you.

Love Can Make You a Jerk

A study performed by Florida State University demonstrated that men with girlfriends, were more likely to be aggressive or even harmful to members of the same sex, particularly if they felt like there was a risk to their partner.

Your Facebook Friends Can Put You in a Bad Mood

A study conducted by German scientists shows that pictures of trips to distant lands or of new, expensive purchases your friends have made, can make you less excited about the things in your own life. Their happiness can incite feelings of jealousy and despair. The cure? Use Facebook sparingly.

Your Night Light Can Make You Depressed

Have you ever noticed that natural light makes you happier than fluorescents? There’s a reason. A study showed that blue or white light caused depressive effects, whereas red light did not. It may seem morbid or even creepy, but switching out your normal colored light bulb for one with a red tint may help to combat depression.
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