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Feeling the pinch of work stress in the evening? Before heading home for the night, take a moment to savor the day's wins.

Forthcoming research from the Academy of Management Journal shows that workers reported lower stress levels in the evenings after spending a few minutes jotting down positive events at the end of the day, along with why those things made them feel good.
《美国管理学会学报》(Academy of Management Journal)即将发表的研究显示,人们在工作结束时花几分钟写下一天的成果,以及这些成果何以让他们感觉良好后,晚上反映出的压力水平有所下降。

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota, University of Florida and others, tracked a group of workers over 15 days, logging their blood pressure and reported stress symptoms, such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating and headaches. The researchers observed changes as the workers wrote down their accomplishments, such as leading a successful sales call, or a presentation that earned a manager's praise.
这项研究由明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)和佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)等机构的研究人员进行。研究对一组上班族跟踪了15天,记录下他们的血压以及反映出来的压力症状,比如疲劳、难以集中注意力和头痛等。研究对象写下他们一天的成果,比如主持了一个成功的销售电话会议或是报告受到了经理表扬,研究人员观察期间研究对象各种指标的变化。

It's no surprise that positive thinking can ease tension. But it might prove more practical than employers' current approaches for fighting workplace stress, such as offering flexible work arrangements or creating a new organizational chart that doesn't actually change daily life at the office, says Theresa Glomb, a work and organizations professor at University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and co-author of the report.
积极思考能够缓解压力,这一点毫不令人意外。不过明尼苏达大学卡尔森管理学院工作及组织学教授、该报告的作者之一格隆布(Theresa Glomb)说,事实证明,积极正面的思考可能比用人单位目前采取的很多抗击工作压力的方法都更实用,这些方法包括提供灵活的工作安排或创建新的组织结构图,而这实际上并没有改变办公室的日常生活。

Listing the good things that happened over the course of a day is valuable in its own right, but Ms. Glomb says the real impact comes from writing down why those things led to good feelings. That act highlights the resources and support a person has in their work life-such as skills, a good sense of humor, an encouraging family or a compassionate boss.

The reflections don't have to be work-related, she adds, a tasty lunch brought from home can be a workday accomplishment. In the experiment, about 40% of the end-of-day reflections had nothing to do with work, and reflecting on them still made the subjects calmer later that evening.

Companies shouldn't rush to institute mandatory reflection time each day, Ms. Glomb warns, since that could just add another stressor for time-crunched workers. Instead, they can embed the exercise in the regular work day, perhaps by asking employees to share details of something that's going well in their lives at the start of a team meeting.

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